• Not-for-profit, 501(c)(3)
  • Affordable Housing Development
  • Single–Family & Multi–Family Housing
  • Rehabilitation & New Construction
  • Development Consultant, Partner, Owner
  • CHDO for Eastern Shore
  • Administrator for State Special Loan Program
  • Other supportive housing services



nterfaith Housing Delmarva is the largest developer of affordable housing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is a non-profit housing developer incorporated in 1989, designated a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1990 and has been the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) for the Eastern Shore since 1993. Interfaith Housing was founded by various faith leaders on the Eastern Shore of Maryland working to combat the dilemma of the working poor not being able to afford quality, safe housing to raise a family. Interfaith Housing has dedicated its resources to preserving and developing affordable family, senior and transitional housing. Interfaith Housing has a contract with the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development's Single Family Housing Program to assist qualified homeowners in Caroline and Kent Counties with acquiring grants and loans to make repairs to their homes that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Interfaith also provides on-going financial and budget counseling and support programs to families residing in its rental units.

Interfaith Housing Delmarva is community focused and engages the surrounding community in its projects, which increases economic growth and development. Interfaith Housing, as a non-profit organization, is able to take on more complicated projects than for-profit developers would be willing to undertake. Interfaith Housing will continue to re-invest its profits into the communities it serves.